Washer And Dryer Combo For Apartments

all in one washer dryer for apartments

Living in apartment with family of course needs more space, although in reality you must brilliantly in arranging the interior due to the limitations of space. The use of the apartment’s appliance also must be selective to keep space, starting from choosing multifunction furniture up to combo appliances, including Combo Washer along with Dryer‎. The combo washer plus dryer is beneficial in washing clothes due to the combination of functions (washing and then drying the cloth).

This appliance also can be placed in various back spaces of the apartment. So, you get two benefits; save space with combo appliances and simple. In order to beautify your interior, you also could placed this combo washer plus dryer in the interior spot specifically reserved for the laundry area. The other factor that makes combo washer plus dryer becomes popular for apartment use are the capability of washing along with drying the cloth in the same sequence. This is advantageous for tiny apartment or a house with no extra space for washer or dryer in full size. This unit can accommodate the load about 11 up to 22 lbs. Several models of this unit also don’t even need a hook up vent or ventless dryer.

Indeed, to save space and get the mobility appliance of washer and dryer, a portable washer available in the market with lower price. But, it can’t accommodate large number of your dirty cloth then you entail another space for drying the cloth, not practical. Portable dryer can be purchased with the price of $160, while for combo washer plus dryer for apartment you must budgeting more, about $800 up to $2,579 even more. Note that the price range of combo washer plus dryer can be different in any online store, also from its brand factor. The top brand of washer plus dryer includes; Whirlpool, EdgeStar, LG, Samsung, GE, Maytag, Electrolux, Frigidaire, Hotpoint and others.

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