Unique Shaped Habitation Named Fence House


A merger between the traditional style with the contemporary made Fence House by Modelinaâ„¢ studio is interesting for us to be aware of each foot of the House. Look, the House is composed of two blocks of not parallel homes and conical-roofed. First impression seen from the front a slightly disguised form of the House is a garage with an asymmetric form of a cube. Access into the House through the door which is installed beside the garage.

In the Middle, the two building blocks are connected, and functioned as the hallway. There is a staircase leading to the upper floor. The stairs overlooking the vast ornamental pond, which is fused with the back part of the House. On the right side, the room used as a kitchen and a dining room. While on the left side there are jumbo-size living room.

This fence home is designed to have a focal point on the back. As evidenced by the placement of the living space and kitchen, also an open porch extension. There is a porch with a concrete floor in the backyard.

Go up to the top floor, a spacious living area with a mezzanine that functioned as a library, fully hardwood book shelves, including the table. While on the other there is a pair of unique beds with cone frame for children. Elements of decoration were installed at a minimum number, yet very little take attention. For example, a display of antique cars under the stairs. And some of the paintings were displayed on the walls of the upper floor. That’s it, the room is clean and perform a natural blend with contemporary design.

Source: Yankodesign

Friday, November 11th, 2016 1222

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