The Sunken Pool Design That Blends With Nature

sunken pool design

This inground pool has a unique sunken design. Indeed, this swimming pool shape is oval, but was built in the middle of a landscaped park concave designed and cascading around. This pool is a holiday property of ‘Wilderness Reserve‘ for rent to anyone. Its location in an area of rural Suffolk, England.

The stair design not like usual stair steps. It is a spiral stair step that was built for the purpose of accessing the users towards the pool. In addition, stair steps around also tilts so stay awake, no landslide, even the more solidly with the growth of the grass. The sunken design also acts a little give privacy, even though the pool is open. However, it’s a safe family holiday property of foreigners entry to this area.

The swimming pool is equipped with five units of outdoor furniture and a patio umbrella. In addition, lighting for night time also take advantage 4 pieces of portable lamps. There are also two extra lighting around mini table. Those are perfect settings to build a romantic and relaxing shades at night.

Source: Contemporist

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