The Luxurious Ocean Nebula Hotel


An ultra modern hotel with the nebula concept was designed by Victoria Litvin. She gave the new illustrations and a step further in talking about luxury. The building design is truly innovative and offers luxury paradise vacation. And if it is realized, it will bring fresh wind for holiday lovers or travelers to drop by at this hotel, even linger here to stay. Of course, this will be a positive impact for the tourism in New Zealand. That’s the key, to offer something that makes millions of eyes didn’t blink in awe, then they will attempt to go to enjoy the beauty spot and luxury.

The Nebula Hotel design is really fresh, just take a little bit of an idea of some of the magnificent buildings off the coast of Dubai, perhaps. Yes, the design of the nebula hotel designed in the offshore zone, but still in the shallow waters and close to the main town. But that’s pretty reasonable, because the Ocean was like a space suitable to bring up the shades of the universe that contains the nebula. If applied on the Mainland, then it is difficult to get an impression of resembling a Nebula.

OK, let’s look at the interior and exterior spaces at a glance. This exotic hotel has three main buildings linked by a connecting bridge that hovers above the water. It illustrates the connection between parts of the nebula. And these connectors forms a great circle on the inside the Nebula that offers a view of the artificial island with mini dock. The island is defined by the presence of palm trees at each of the edges.

Into the Nebula, exploring each room full of surprises at the design and architecture. Receptionist table elongated and futuristic impressed. Then, spacious party room with special d├ęcor. And spacious bar overlooking the view of the nebula circle inside. It was immensely impressive, tour packages at once exotic hotel spot also at the party facilities. And though still in project design which has not been realized, this project has certainly led us to have the strangest ideas to be poured into the project.

Source: Archinect

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