Sustainable Bamboo Treehouse With Cylindrical Design

sustainable bamboo treehouse

Playa Viva is a Treehouse resort with sustainable design that is entirely built with bamboo and wood. Bamboo covered all parts of the House are assembled into a cylindrical shape. At the center of it, kinda down mounted wood that served as the floor. So this House only a few elements are made from metal or fabric. Some of them include a mini fireplace and lights also solar panels. This House really looks natural and even look like the jungle house.

The House is built on a 700 sq.ft. located on the beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean, north of Acapulco, Mexico. And Deture Culsign is a company that has built this Treehouse with a focus provides a completely natural experience. The height is about six feet above the ground, surrounded by Palm trees.

Inside, the House provides two king-size beds, complete with mosquito nets. An integrated Hammock with floor and its spot is perfect for a relaxing day even at night with a fireplace to warm coast air. a lounge area in the back of the bed, though not spacious but enough for two people. And a private bathroom. If you have the opportunity to stay at this resort that became the days that appease the mind.

Source: alk3r

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