Sb Architects Offers A Bernal Height Residence

bar design for mill valley custom home by sb architects

Sb architects are a company offering various kinds of home architecture concepts for people. The work of this company is excellent and great. You can take a certain home design to this company. It will make your dream happen. It has been worked in the architecture design for years so it is experienced plus trusted. The Bernal Height Residence is one of the preeminent house designs made by Sb Architects.

Unique Look

Sb architects are always providing a distinct look of final home design result. It can be noticed from the design residence of The Bernal Height. When you see it from outside, this house offers a simple look, modern touch and minimalist impression with a idiosyncratic home design. It triggers you surprised in seeing it. Glasses windows accentuate modernity plus minimalist look of the house. Meanwhile, it also does not leave a traditional view from wooden ceilings and a half part of home walls. Mini stairs are built in the side of the house. It seems so fanciful also perfectly amazing.

Warm and Fresh Situation of Home Interior

As you see the house by Sb Architects from outside, you are surprised. Home interior will absolutely make you obsessed to the home design. It combines several interior elements. Modern look can be gained from most of the glass windows. It also gives a better air circulation for your house. Fresh impression can be sensed with this home interior. To improve warmth, hardwood flooring and ceilings are installed in the house so that it gives a nice combination of home interior. Wooden stairs in the house view so compatible to the floor also ceilings of this house. Meanwhile, simple furniture items complete the perfection of residence exclusively built by Sb Architects. The items include white sofa and orange cushion. Minimalist look is dominant in the kitchen of this dwelling by Sb Architects.

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