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RSA lighting is well-known as Cooper Lighting. The history itself began in 1958 in Toronto, Canada. After a long way, Cooper Lighting was finally established in 1972. The former company, Halo Lighting, was established in Atlanta, Georgia, and Dallas, Texas. Later on in 1993, Cooper expanded its branch in Mexicali and purchased Fail Safe, a manufacturer of clean room and vandal resistant lighting products. Cooper expanded his branch again in Ellaville in the purpose of broadening the capacity. In giving services better and better to its customers, Cooper opened its Customer First Center in Peachtree City, Georgia. As a proof that the company is growing, Cooper took AtLite Lighting Equipment Inc. in 1997 and Lumiere Design and Manufacturing in 1998. Cooper has expanded its products to numerous markets such as mining, oil and gas, healthcare, education, energy, food and beverage, industrial and manufacturing, transportation, and communication and data markets.

Cooper Lighting Trusted Products

Cooper Lighting has many trusted brands from A-Z, one of them is RSA. It focuses on Ruff-IN electrical pre-fabrication systems which saves energy, time, and cost of lighting. As we know that what we need in this modern era are sustainable products, the ones that are manufactured behind responsibility of company towards environment, customer health, product safety, and high quality for sure. By applying the Ruff-IN pre-fabrication system, it ensures the customers of fast and easy installation, innovative designs, tool-less installation program, and shorter lead times.

RSA Products

Here are several products which use brands RSA: 1. Ruff-IN pre-fabrication electrical brackets, 2. Ruff-IN pre-fabrication electrical box support, 3. Ruff-IN pre-fabrication, 4. Ruff-IN rings, 5. Ruff-IN ceiling supports, 6. Ruff-IN electrical pre-fabrication accessories, 7. Ruff-IN electrical pre-fabrication assemblies. To know more about the products, you can simply download Ruff-IN pre-fabrication overview brochure and Ruff-IN product catalog to know more about RSA lighting.

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