Pvc Towel Rack Plans

PVC Towel Rack Plans

PVC Towel Rack Plans are smart project for creative mom. Other than that, PVC can be created for chairs, racks, and others. But here, we want to show how to make the old PVC for towel rack. This is a very interesting project because it is easy and can minimize the budget. This is the DIY project which can be done by mom and kids.  Hence, do not throw away your old PVC. I will show you one of my DIY projects.

PVC Towel Rack Plans How to Make It?

This the procedures on how to build a PVC pool towel rack. The first thing which can be done for the PVC Towel Rack Plans is measuring the PVC. Mark eight a foot PVC. The four are 40 inches, for the other two is 20 inches. Next cut the pipe with the hacksaw. Make it into two rectangles. Create rectangle from the pipes. Make sure that two pipes are 40 inches and two pipes are 20 inches. Keep the corner of the pipes together with the L pipe. Prepare for 36 inches PVC. Insert it on the previous rectangle.

PVC Towel Rack Plans Install the Color

White colored PVC looks simple and not quite interesting. Paint the PVC pipes with many colorful paint then dry it under the sunshine. PVC towel rack is ready to be used if the paint is dry. Make sure it before hanging the towel in the PVC towel rack plans. Other than that, the paint can protect the PVC from the sun when you dry the towel outside the room.

Those all are some ideas for DIY rack project. Other than that, the PVC can be create into hanging towel rack then install it inside the bathroom. It is simple project. Mom can do it with their kids. However, all of DIY project needs creativity and imagination. So that you can make your brand new PVC towel rack plans project.

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