Outdoor Portable Hot Tub By Arctic Spas

outdoor portable hot tub by arctic spas

Arctic Spas brand is a well-known outdoor hot tub and experienced for more than 20 years in dealing with customers from all over the world. Excellence in design, ease of maintenance and low operating costs into a plus for their hot tub products. There are at least two options, Arctic Spas with all the excellence and completeness of the features as well as Coyote Spas Tub, a mini version of the Arctic Spas. The same core design just lessen in technology features and dimensions. The average cost spent by customer to buy this tub one is $8,850, there are certainly more expensive with additional optional features.

Arctic Spas Optional Features

The optional equipment features and accessories include step bars are useful for & footrest when users entered to the tub. This is immensely useful especially for children and ease the steps for adults. Hot tub cover in our opinion a must-have feature to maintain the cleanliness of the water from the foliage that falls or any ruins that can foul the water. This cover more easily-operated lifter devices which is also separate accessories. Other optional features include hand rails, chemicals for water maintenance and superior filter.

Prepare The Area For The Hot Tub

The main requirement of base area for Arctic Spas installation is a flat surface, sturdy and solid. The surface doesn’t have to be concrete pad, even directly above the ground. However, they provide a surface options include different types of solid material as a base, from wood, stone and pads. The installation can be front or back yard and sinks in the deck. In addition to the hot tub, Arctic Spas also offering the Grillhouse development, the Sunhouse and Gazebos in a variety of design and usability.

Photos Source: Arctic spas

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