Meteorite Impact Architecture

meteorite impact architecture

At first glance you might be taken to another world through a work of this Planetarium Architecture. He is Keremcan Kirilmaz, a Turkish architect who designed the innovative building with his friend Erdem Batirbek. They did it for a Planetarium Design Competition in Kırsehir, a province in Turkey. For this project, Keremcan inspired by space objects which drove at high speed and crashed into other objects.

In the conceptual diagram he described the meteorite that crashed into Earth’s surface. Then, in the physical model process, we know the falling object direction, Meteorite object which made to Planetarium building and the collision effects. He brilliantly described the wave due to the effects of the great collision around the object. The effect is realized by smart design details, embraces the affected nature. As if in accordance with the direction of the discharge energy of the collision. That’s what made the front building design similar to stair steps and the back hitting making waves above the ground. This is just a small part of a description of ideas and their creative process.

In a review of the process of finding ideas and the process of creating a design, it is really unique and creative. We look at the outside capsule, the effect of energy release forms as well as stair steps designed like the Amphitheater. It’s certainly a very roomy for sitting and leaning. Moreover, with trees and the green grass makes us convenient to linger. Then, seating outside stair steps in a randomized setting to clarify the area beyond which light affected by the collision.

Inside the capsule, we will be taken out of the world to find outer space objects hang on the Planetarium’s ceiling. In addition the other learning facility, including seating and futuristic technology to analyze. It all supports the process of observation that allows us to learn to recognize our universe. As its objectives, education is emphasized in this Planetarium design.

Source: Behance

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