Mansard Roof Design

georgian mansard roof

Mansard roof is a classic roof design that has 4 sides with a slope on each face side and quite steep, nearly looks vertical like a bulkhead with dormers. The characteristic of this roof type are have four sides, steep slopes and double roof pitch. In this modern era, Mansard style roof is still used for one and two-floor buildings, like; Neo-eclectic residences, apartments and restaurants. Of course this is due to the roof design proven in all aspect including strength, stylish and provide additional interior space for boot.

You may ask, how much should you spend to install this roofs type. You must spend much money, certainly for most of you this is not a problem. OK, a Mansard roof has a complexity in the installation, then quite large raw materials (sq.ft.), also the cost of framing. That’s all that lead to a bit more cost than other kind of roofing styles.

For example, for a roof with an area of 1,500 sq ft, material also labor costs are about $10 to $14. Then the total cost you ought spend between $15K to $21K. Note, it doesn’t involve the roof coverings cost (depending on material) at a cost of between $4 up to $20 sq. ft. (around $6K to $30K for 1,500 sq ft roof). Thus, the final cost estimate of a mansard roof is approximately $20K to $50K for 1,500 sq.ft roof wide. It’s enough to drain your monthly revenue, you even require to save for a few months. This prices relies on your location, and indeed the price may differ from one state to the other state.

So, what are the benefits you get after you issue an investment for a Mansard roof? there are assorted benefits. First, this design allows you could install gutters along the circumference of the roof to keep the house and the foundation of damage due to exposure/splash water. Second, the roof design is certainly provide extra space for the attic space. Third, Mansard roof can handle the problem snowfall that can trigger damage to the roof, the steep roof drain snow directly to the ground.

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