Koda Is A Mini Prefab House For Healthy Living

koda is a mini prefab house for healthy living

In an era of high mobility and limited space in the city, the mini modular House now becomes bright solutions are sought after by residents of the city. And this time, the solution comes from Kodasema which offers KODA mini house. A House that has four advantages; healthy living, green living principle, mobility and describe the design of precision.

This healthy home is defined through the use of the finishing material free of harmful substances. The air humidity is regulated and ensure proper air in clean conditions. Then, like a car, KODA has light settings that enter through large Windows. The sturdy construction and the use of strong material resistant to making home exposure to any weather condition outdoors.

The main walls are made from insulated concrete. It doesn’t leave the slightest loophole for the bad weather intervened into the house. Then, the window glass used is quadruple glazing a fairly thick to hold air and still provide a good visibility. The main access is via a door that is sturdy and tightly so that it does not provide a loophole for cold air/pollution. So, this House can be applied anywhere a place; in the middle of urban with full of kind pollution, lakeside, up to, can even be used as an Office or a coffee shop.

Thinking green became a principle of this House construction. Natural energy from solar panels will help the owners save on daily energy expenditure. In addition, the land area required to establish no more than 25 m2. And it doesn’t necessitate to dig for the House base, so it’s really practical and movable. The House can be demolished and installed many times easily, moving from one location to another. In fact, it has already been proven by only takes about four to seven hours for offloading and preparation of transportation to the new location.

KODA on offer at a price of €85,000, it not including taxes. The price depends on the add-ons and features that are ordered by the buyer. And Kodasema will sell it to local enthusiasts from Estonia in this fall. Meanwhile, they have not announced the sale to enthusiasts from abroad.

Source: inhabitat

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