Cube Shaped House Inside The Pine Forest


The present trend for several architects is building a house in a spot that previously undesirable to live in. Whether it’s far from the settlement or a dangerous location. As this cube house built in a pine forest by Yakusha Design, an architecture firm from Ukraine. Although in a pine forest, this location offers tranquility and guarantees unpolluted air pollution or noise. Security aspects are improved with the installation of the fence box as high as more than two meters. Inside the fence that still leaves a lot of pine trees that are enabled to make a shady home. In addition to maintaining the sustainability of the pine tree. So just a few pine trees cut down in the cube area that approximately 2,150 sq.ft., minimal in environmental impact.

A cube has two floors with a proportional room division. From the entrance, we immediately see the kitchen furniture and a set of leather sofa with two tables made from hardwood pieces. We call it the living space connected with kitchen also dining furniture at once. Although on the terrace there is a kind of deck pergola which can be enabled to welcome guests. Back into room, on the mezzanine level used as a bedroom and work space, both for family and children. A large room for adults, dark-themed with minimal decor. In contrast to the bedroom for two children that extends with a full wall decoration. Additionally the design of pullout bed adds to the wider so more freely to play. And the good placement of a desk for study on the room edge facing the large window. It gives a perfect visibility when studying during the day or to play.

This cube also comes with a bedroom for a teenage girl. In tune with the learning needs, rooms focus on the areas of learning, the long desk table, and bookshelves. This forced the bed place in the loft area. Below, used as a bookshelf, and sofa. In addition, several box shelves mounted to the wall. The decor choice is simple, concerned with cleanliness and no messes. Only the green tint selection of the desk chair and a little decor element in the window curtains.

The kitchen does not expose a lot, just a little spot just the kitchen looks. The bathroom is quite elegant and natural with the dominance of white color combined with wooden floors. Overall the white paint dominates this cube, either on the inside space or the outside.

Source: Design Milk

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