Cleaning Corian Countertops

cleaning corian countertops stains

If your kitchen countertops are made of Corian material, of course you have to know the maintenance procedures. Corian is includes solid surface countertops, one of the best alternative of granite or marble countertops. This material basically has no special action because Corian is easy to clean except the collision. Minor scratches on Corian Countertops can be removed easily, with a light sanding. So when the color changes, then you can restore it with repolishing treatment. The collision resulting Corian’s surface got deep cuts could force you to hire a professional to fix it. Therefore, avoid cutting food / groceries directly above Corian countertops. Use cutting board to avoid Corian scratched by your kitchen knives. In addition, you should also avoid placing hot pots or heat generating equipment on a Corian. Keep your Corian countertops remain dry and clean.

Cleaning Instructions for Corian Countertops

Cleaning is essential to prevent your Corian countertops from fungal, stains and bacterial. Basically, clean Corian countertops very easy and simple. For basic cleaning you just need to use regular soap, cleaners containing ammonia or countertops cleaner. Corian is not affected by chemicals in common household cleaners, so the household soap is safe to use. However, you should avoid harsh cleansers and also avoid Corian from strong chemicals such as oven cleaners and paint remover. How to clean the Corian surfaces? This is a cleaning instruction better you are doing to get best result. For ordinary stains, use household cleaners. You should prepare a sponge or clean cloth, warm water and household cleaner/soap. Then, the household cleaner mixed with warm water. After that, enter sponge or cloth into warm soapy water, wring it out and use to clean the surface Corian Countertops. Then rub the surface gently with one direction motion. If there is blotchy, then rub circular on it. For tough stains (like lime) caused by hard water, then you need a cleaner that is specially formulated to clean hard water stains. The cleaning instructions for Corian countertops can be a guide to maintain your Corian countertops.

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