Cb2 Acrylic Coffee Table

cb2 acrylic coffee table design

CB2 offers acrylic coffee table with peekaboo clear coffee table products were sold at a price of $279. Peekaboo is an acrylic coffee table designed as modern table with high flexibility in simple design and also functional. Some products are equipped with four acrylic casters, thus supporting better mobility. You will more easily move it according to your needs and comfort. This table has just 0.5 inches thickness and 37.5 inches wide, made of acrylic which gives a softer mod edge in hands and clean appearance.

May be you have question about the acrylic coffee table’s matching appearance with all sofa sizes. Don’t worry about it, this kind table is harmoniously paired with almost any kind of sofa sectional sofas to love seats. This table is made with acrylic material makes it through visually transparent, either in a vertical or in horizontal view. The material is a PMMA synthetic polymer of methyl methacrylate, which is better known as “acrylic”. This material has been widely used mainly because it supports the modernity in all every product output.

For acrylic table, the visually transparent table’s material makes the interior more spacious and the carpet pattern’s beauty below the table will remain intact. Acrylic table is suitable for use in a minimalist room, apartment studio and interior with dark color domination either from furniture or the walls paint. If you want to buy it, then adjust the size of your room. Acrylic coffee table is available in various dimensions, style and usability.

CB2 Acrylic Coffee Table Design

Talking about acrylic coffee table design, CB2 offers some acrylic table via the company’s product “peekaboo table” in some varied design. CB2 acrylic coffee table available in some design: peekaboo clear coffee table ($279), peekaboo clear c table ($179), peekaboo clear nesting tables set of 3 ($199), peekaboo clear console ($379), peekaboo clear media console ($399) and peekaboo clear rolling two shelf ($349). All are made of acrylic material and is not limited to coffee table use. It also can be as a multifunctional table for almost all table purpose and very suitable for a apartment studio.

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