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Cathedral Ceiling Design will make your home ceiling look spacious and have a feel of the grandeur of a cathedral’s interior. Especially it is painted with white color and coupled with recessed lighting. The use of white color makes the interior more spacious and some recessed lighting make it looks fused with the ceiling design. It will make a dramatic nuance in your room. This is an advantage for those of you who have a large house with spacious rooms. How to house with small room? Cathedral ceiling design is not suitable for small house with narrow room, although it can be applied. It just will only give you a little extra space vertically. Maybe you think vaulted ceiling may be a solution, but it just reinforces the narrow perception of your room. But you do not need to worry, you can renovate and redesign your home and also install the cathedral ceiling design, although you should save your money first.

Vaulted Ceiling Costs

Maybe you are confused when trying to determine the design of the ceiling, whether cathedral ceiling or vaulted ceiling design. Cathedral ceiling design comes with same sloping sides and center points higher than the wall. Vaulted ceiling design is a curved ceiling with a round center point or called vaulted, the vault construction including: rib vault, groin vaults, cloister vault, barrel vaults, fan vault, rampant vault, catalant vault, annular vault and net vault. So, cathedral ceiling has the highest point lengthwise at the midpoint of the room. Meanwhile, vaulted ceiling highest point ceiling centered on the midpoint of the vault. The vaulted ceiling advantage is the room looks more spacious than the real room dimension. If you want to redesign the room’s ceiling to be more spacious, especially for those of you who have a low ceiling then vaulting is one option that you should try. Indeed, you have to prepare a budget that is not little. Estimated cost for redesign is approximately $18,000 to $25,000. It is estimated cost of vaulting room with an area of about 300 square foot. Cost depends on the area of your room and the cost is used to: make a plan, structure designing, permits, roof demolition, disposal of old material, reinforcing framing, remove ceiling beams, moving, add wiring, insulating, dry-walling and painting. Lighting costs can be consulted with your contractor, as well as if you want to add a skylight. For this work, we advise you to seek professional contractor. Because, this project is difficult and does not allow to do it yourself, in other words “It’s too risk as a DIY project”. If you are desperate, then the possibility of potential damage of your room ceiling is bigger.  We collect some vaulted ceiling design picture as a reference for you as an idea for your own ceiling. Note, you’ll probably find a contractor that offers a lower cost ceiling vault, so you can find the best ceiling contractor with the best cost.

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