Cacoon: Amazing Hanging Tent

amazing hanging tent cacoon

This hanging tent will give you really experience life merges with wild life. For an adventurer who roam in the wild, then the Cacoon became the equipment should be carried as well. Yes, this one hanging Tent called the Cacoon. For those of you who love life at home with the family, Cacoon also offers the comfort swing as equipment of children’s play area or even as a convenient place to rest along with your husband or wife. This hanging tent can be installed inside or outside the habitation. You may think, this tent is always in need of a limb or a strong iron to drape, and the solution is nick with his wife has added a tripod made of wood/metal as optional accessories, making it can be installed without a limb, so that it can be installed on the beach or field.

Cacoon is safe to use and powerful

This hanging tent, of course has gone through a series of strength trials to ensure the safety of the user. Nick and his wife had experienced screen design for yachts. Special expertise also included in the architectural fabric along with the textile technology. So, the idea of making the Cacoon is supported by the knowledge, skills, tasks and peace of nature. Testing has been done with the drape it in different types of environments both indoor and outdoor. Nevertheless, we recommend that you fit the rules of use so the Cacoon can provide comfort for several years without any problems.

Cacoon prices starting from $227 for Cacoon Bonsai model that can accommodate one child, single Cacoon $341 for one adult, double Cacoon for $455 for two and $512 for Cacoon Songo model. Tripod included as accessories are offered for $341 made of metal material and $569.26 for wood tripod.

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