Bay Window Curtain Rods

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Bay Window Curtain Rods are an important part of a window at once beautiful feature on the home interior aspects. Especially for those of you who have a luxurious house with a bay window, of course you are going to install the best bay window curtain rods. Indeed, curtain rods are designed not only limited to its function as a curtain hanger. There are some curtains rods are designed with high aesthetic value, with metal arches designed like beautiful carvings. Aesthetically curtains rods not only for to the bay window in a luxury home. Basically all bay window curtain rods can be applied to any home with bay window. It depends on you, but you should choose according to your home interior style and design. In essence, you make all the things inside the house to perform in harmony and work in accordance with its function, including the bay window curtain rods. How much is it? the price is affordable, a bay window curtain rods sold at prices ranging from $20.50 to over $79.50. Then, what if you want to make it yourself? OK, here we provide the steps to create a “bay window curtain rods” for your home.

Bay Window Curtain Rods DIY

In terms of curtain rods functionality, actually make bay window curtains rods is easy and simple. Especially for those of you who often “do it yourself” in almost home improvement. However, if you want the curtain rods that have aesthetic value, then you still have to buy it from the supplier or home improvement store. OK, we will learn how to create simple bay window curtain rods yet functional. First, you must measure the length of the bay window up to beyond the window casing on either corner bay window. After determining the length, then you have to prepare aluminum conduit, you can buy it at home improvement store closest to your home. Aluminum conduit should be bent according to the bay window’s bend. Previously, you had to measure at both corner bay window to determine which parts of the aluminum conduit to be bent. Once the rod is bent at both ends of the aluminum conduit, then you can hang it in bay window to adjust the right angle at both bend in the aluminum conduit. If the aluminum conduit angle is right, you can paint the aluminum rod with spray paint. You can choose the color according to your desire.

In general, a neutral color is right for modern style or just choose the color in accordance with the curtain. There is another way, you can cut the aluminum conduit into three parts. 2 parts for the side of bay window and 1 for the longest part of the front bay window. As a connector you can use the becket bay rod corner connectors that you can buy at a home improvement store. But it will add to the cost. To embellish both ends of curtain rods, you can use the finials, buy the right size and fit paired with aluminum conduit. Finials can be painted in accordance with the aluminum conduit color. For retaining curtain rods, you can install 3 pieces of anchoring rods wall mounted, mounted on a three-part: front and 2 pieces for the side of bay window parallel to the curtain rods. You have finished making bay window curtain rods yourself at a cost of less than $20.

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