Basement Renovation Ideas Low Ceiling

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You’re used to use your low ceiling basement as a storage room, and you want to change its function that you need basement renovation ideas low ceiling. Renovating a basement is indeed a big task moreover if it has a low ceiling. Without a doubt, we do not want to make the ceiling get lower. It will be difficult for us to move inside the room. Besides it is a big problem, there are always simple ways that you can do to overcome that.

Basement Renovation Ideas Low Ceiling: Color

Applying the right color can help you to cope with the low ceiling problems. Therefore, the first idea of basement renovation ideas low ceiling is dealing with color. White color is believed to give large and wide impression. Therefore, for low ceiling basement ideas color, I suggest you to use white color for your low ceiling. The white color will bounce back the light well and light even the dark corners. So, besides using white color, you also have to provide much lighting. You may use the same color for the wall so there won’t be cut between the wall and the ceiling. It will make the room higher. To avoid boredom, you can add textures on the ceiling.

Basement Renovation Ideas Low Ceiling: Shape

To make your white ceiling more alive, you can apply the second idea of basement renovation ideas low ceiling which is adding texture to the ceiling. To get this low ceiling basement ideas shape, you can scalp the ceiling. The sculpture will give will play with the light and shadow. It makes the ceiling has different levels of layers. It can give higher ceiling impression. The shape on the ceiling also attracted our eyes so we won’t focus on the one theme of the ceiling and the wall.

Renovating your low ceiling basement is not easy. However, it does not mean that you cannot do anything about that. There are always simple and easy ways that we can find to deal with our problems. Those two simple ideas of basement renovation ideas low ceiling above are an example of overcoming your big problems with small, easy solutions.

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