Atlas Concorde Ceramic Tile

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Atlas Concorde Ceramic Tile offers high-quality ceramic solutions with an aesthetic touch for a variety of interior and exterior applications. Atlas Concorde produces ceramic tiles and wall tiles with innovative touches and high-tech approach. The technical touch includes lab studies for any ceramic products, coupled with a touch of innovative design trends to get the maximum results in the design and strength. For example: Linea ceramic porcelain with only 4.8 mm thickness. Ceramic products are available in diverse designs, more than 80 collections of ceramics which you can consider for the floor and walls.

For flooring, the product is divided into 3 general categories include: Technical Porcelain Stoneware, Coloured in Body Porcelain Stoneware and Glazed Porcelain Stoneware. Atlas Concorde wall tile is also divided into 3 categories: White-Body Wall Tiles, Porcelain Stoneware Mosaic and Single-Fired Mosaic. The collection can certainly be applied to a variety of purposes such as: residential, commercial building, restaurant, office, public buildings, urban design, architectural projects and a variety of other large-scale projects. Atlas Concorde product has contributed in a large-scale international project, so that the products are famous all over the world. Ease of access also supports the fame of its products. Now, Atlas Concorde has been working with leading companies in this sector that offers plans, ceramics supply and installation service.

Atlas Concorde Ceramic Tile Prices

Atlas Concorde is the famous ceramic manufacturer in Europe which was established in 1969 with a market area covers 100 countries around the world. Atlas Concorde Ceramic became a favorite choice for customers in many countries. Atlas Concorde handled by 2200 employees to serve all customers and enthusiasts in Europa, America, Russia and Beijing (for East Asian area). Considering that Atlas Concorde have a lot of products so the prices for every product is varied. For prices details for each product information you can ask directly to Atlas Concorde’s sales via or via this phone number +39 0536 867711, Fax: +39 0536 867 985.

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