Amazing Turkish Hotel Built In Cliff Caves

amazing turkish hotel built in cliff cave

Yunak Evleri is a very unique hotel carved on the slopes of the mountains of Urgup, the ancient village in Turkey. The hotel was built by combining the value of tradition and a touch of modernity. Yunak Evleri has a total of 40 rooms which are divided into seven cave house. Five star hotel facilities, but with unique and antique furniture typical of the Ottoman Empire. Each room offers exotic living shades and blend local wisdom with modern furnishings especially the bathroom. Look, the rooms are furnished with classical-style beds and a luxurious bathroom design, modern convenience. However, it was combined in harmony with local crafts and antique furniture.

This hotel also has almost the amenities of a modern hotel. Internet connection available for modern gadgets. The water flows through pipes to each bathroom. You’ll love the modern bathroom facilities are neat and fancy above the white marble floor. On the exterior, the rooms offer views of the unique natural landscape.

And, the beauty of the hotel looks stunning when night with the setting of the vertical lights which illuminate the cliff carved. Related Rates, to stay at this hotel overnight around $113.44 per person. Affordable room rates and in accordance with the facilities and the unique atmosphere that is presented. The uniqueness of the atmosphere as if it leads us to a past life in the days of the Ottoman Empire.

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