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3form flush mount light fixture

3form lighting products provide artistic lighting solutions for home interior, hotels, apartment and others. 3form offers an elegant lamp with a unique design. Some products have a geometric shape, but more in custom form internalize the blossom’s shape with unique layer. The 3form custom product is highly innovative and amazing. 3form light art will be the center point in a room, attract the attention and as “eye-catching” feature inside the home. Moreover, each 3form lamp gets a touch of the craftsman’s hand in the formation of Varia Ecoresin (semi-transparent material) with heated and then molded by hand. With this technique 3form can produce light layer in unique design and aesthetic. 3form light layer is available in a variety of colors, some equipped with creative patterns. Then, the formed layers is assembled with a fluorescent bulb (CFL) by 3form and be awesome light products.

3form Lighting Products Price

3form offers its products at an affordable price. Some 3form lighting products offered include: wall sconces light, pendant light, parametre drum, drum light and box light fixture. Wall sconces light products offered include: LightArt Eco Sconce $195 ($275 with some optional features), Half Round Sconce $245 and LightArt Layered Sconce $295 ($375 for the optional feature). 3form pendant light products offered include: French Curve Pendant $680, $425 Suspended Pendant Blossom, Layered Pendant $470 and $445 LightArt Cylinder Pendant. 3form LightArt Parametre Drum on offer at a price of $995. LightArt Drum Fixture offered at a price of $1,990, the same price for a LightArt Box Fixture. The price depends on the layer material selection and also the design. You can specify the lamp specifications you want and then contact 3form via 1.800.726.0126 for details of the lights and accurate prices.

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