Woodgrain Doors As The Alternative Doors

composite wood grain garage doors

Woodgrain doors are very unique because it makes the pattern of wood appeared on the surface of the door. But it turns out pattern that appears on the surface of the door does not always come from the wood used to make the door. The existence of technology make almost everything easier, one of them by creating artificial vinyl and make a vinyl made of real wood surface. This time many brands have rolled out some kind of doors made of hard board and HPL and something like that. In order to make the surface look nicer, they coat the door with vinyl.

The good news is vinyl has variety patterns. Some of them are like natural shade of nature. And it looks like the original. The price is cheaper and wood pattern can be selected according to the buyer. Because vinyl is made of real wood surface, then the door will look like all of the parts are made of real wood. If you own a house and want to decorate it with good door with nice pattern, then there is no harm if you try woodgrain doors.

But in addition to a myriad of advantages which have been described above, there are some drawbacks that you can consider before deciding to buy that door. HPL is made of sawdust which is reproduced. Although it was made of wood, the material does not necessarily have the strength like wood in general. If it exposed to cold water, HPL will expand and of course, the vinyl will flake eventually. Then if the HPL exposed to hot water or hot weather, the shape will not be straight as before. Indeed, each option has advantages and disadvantages. But it can be minimized by considering the primary function of these options, including in choosing woodgrain doors as the door of your choice.

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