Warm The Outdoor Space With Ak47 Outdoor Design Fire Pits

zero small design firepits by Ak47

AK47 Design created some adaptable Fire Pits to all around the outdoor space. They brings in tune the main source of fire with the environment, the wood as source of fire as you live in rustic nuance even ancient habitation. It doesn’t mean the fireplace is not fit with recent day residential outdoor space. As a sample, the AK47 Design Zero Small that fits with parquet floor the contemporary patio with pools, although using wood as fire source. The design of Zero fire pits with two rounds steel disc, with zero shape in the center for wood burning spot, circular restricted for wood-storage and three strong steel legs as base. This design keep clean your parquet floor outside house.

The artu’fire pit is one of their products that attached the glass material vertically on the center hole surrounded by steel. Atop steel discs wrapped nicely with wood, alike wood parquet floor and above the steel disc the shards of wood that is ready to be burned. Surely, more design product of outdoor fireplace you could point one of them to be purchased. Here, some photo of Ak47 outdoor fire pits and just access their site to make purchase.

Contact AK-47 design:

Via Postale Vecchia 37
23854 Olginate (LC), Italy
VAT IT03031300134
ph. +39 0341 286547
fax +39 0341 291627


zero large design firepits by Ak47zen design firepits by Ak47tripee ruggine ambientata scheda design firepits by Ak47rondo trachite ambientata scheda design firepits by Ak47mangiafuoco white design firepits by Ak47mangiafuoco red ambientata scheda design firepits by Ak47hole ruggine ambientata scheda design firepits by Ak47ercole design firepits by Ak47discolo small parallax fondo pagina ambientata design firepits by Ak47

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