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wac accessories of pendant canopy

WAC Lighting offered the clarity of the light from all of its lighting products both for interior along with the exterior. Their products proffered to the consumer in wide range models also available in various designs. The design and catalogs of lights include Decorative Lights, Track and Rail Lights, Recessed Lights, Task and Cove Lights, Indoor also Outdoor, Display Lighting along with Specialty Products.

The decorative light that they offered are Beauty Spot, Chandeliers, Pendant along with Flush Mount also Sconces. The Beauty Spotlight with the choices of six lamp crystal collection and two canopy lamp collections. The Chandeliers light just available in two products; DweLED Chandelier plus Cosmopolitan Collection. The Pendant light of WAC Lighting available in 89 lamp collection, differentiated in 11 collections. The Flush Mount plus Sconces light products differentiated in 11 collections with 80 total lights.

The Track and Rail light available in four collections, includes; 120 Volts Track System, Track System Architectural, Rail System plus Fixed Rail System. Then, WAC Recessed light that differentiated in four collections; LED, Low Voltage, Line Voltage along with Metal Halide. Task and Cove Light available in two collections, each of them have a variety of lamp design and models. The indoor/outdoor series has three collections; Endurance, Outdoor along with Step also Wall Lights. The Display Lighting has three collections of lighting products, and every Light collection has some differ lights models.

WAC Lighting also provides Transformers and Lamp components plus Accessories. The Transformers including light components, electronic transformers, LEDme Driver, Magnetic Transformers as well as Transformers Accessories. The Lamp components along with the accessories includes LED lamps, Lenses, Fluorescent Lamps, Halogen Lamps, Quick Adjust Canopies, Quick Connect Series for Canopies plus Components and Xenon Lamps.

Based on application, their lighting product can be differentiated in various applications. The first is architectural application, Hospitality, Institutional, Residential and Retail. For the price, given the wide collections of lamp, the price range differentiated based on the light collection also applications. Overall, the price of WAC Lighting starts from up to $3,053.00 and the accessories ($18.00) along with the canopy plate that priced about $8.50.

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