Urban Freestanding Bathtub By Maax

freestanding bathtub urban maax collection

Freestanding bathtub for urban designed by Maax is one of the best recommended choices from the collections. It has many key benefits along with aesthetical points. Speaking from the general appeal of the freestanding bathtub itself in general, freestanding ones tend to be more accessible to the middle market and they are also great in creating a sculptural element for the bathroom which has additional space. Even though this kind of bathtub could be tricky to be fit into an apartment, but they are great choices to have in single-family residences and in larger condos, as it could add the feeling of sophisticated luxury of spa experience.

The Key Benefits of Urban Freestanding Bathtub by Maax

There are plenteous reasons why you ought to consider getting this tub for your residence. The first crucial benefit of Freestanding Bathtub for Urban by Maax is that they are equipped with a cascading waterfall, as well as revolutionary filling method. They have immensely comfortable, ingenious, plus innovative designs, suitable for those who love to have the greatest sensation of bathing experiences. The simple, yet symmetrical forms and pure lines that it has are the best qualities that any minimalist bathroom should have. Furthermore, it is easy to be maintained since it has detachable deck, and you can even have optional magnetic cushions that are available in either white or black. To keep the water warm for quite several time after it is poured down, there is a thermo–acoustic system featured in this product. It has central drain and the tub is built from Acrylic, which is both strong plus lightweight.

Bottom Line

This bathtub is great for those who love to have spa experiences in their bathroom. With a comfortable design and the natural warmth of Acrylic materials, convenient features, plus ease of maintenance, Freestanding Bathtub for urban designed by Maax is something you ought totally consider in the list of selections.

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