Tween Girls Bedrooms

bunk beds design for tween girl

When your child leaves from being a toddler to tween, surely they require the different bed setting along with tween bed decoration. Based on the psychology of tween girls that their personality has arrived and they need a room to represent their personality and also their style. For girls, the bedroom decor is more variation in color along with the other stuff, like; accessories, various walls ornamental, craft and so on. They also spend a lot of time in front of their gadgets plus accessories.

The problem that often occurs is cluttered due to their accessories and other stuff. This is caused by some trivial things that trigger them into a messy room. Indeed, their sense of style along with personal interest need a field, but there are strategies to keep their spaces clutter-free. Firstly, given they just leaves from being a toddler, so avoiding all elements of childish. Their personality comes up and usually they start to love adult bed component, like; wallpapers, feminine colors as well as bold graphics. For bedroom color, tween girl like attractive hues, eye-catching and colorful combinations.

Grow up as tween girls with a sense of style make them begin to show their passion. Their bedroom becomes the second spot to represent their style. They have an idol as the main object of self-identification. In Antrophology, they began to identify themselves as close as possible to the idol. Then, may they’ll hang up their idol poster as wall art. They are also still in the stage of self-discovery, so sometimes they’re not fit with his idol so that posters should be replaced with a new idol. A storage containers can be one solution to handle the problem caused by their passions.

They require a space to study, an area with functional furniture also attractive to make linger in studying. The important aspect to be attention are; lighting, chair along with book shelves. The laptop with the network connection should be placed in a public space to ensure supervision in the use of and access to Internet content. They also need downtime to take a rest from their activity, so equip their space with cushions or may a bean bag. The best solution for downtime is a bed with low base equipped with the cushions.

As a tween girl, they require a storage to store female tooling like hair dryers, makeup along with the gels. The mirror is absolutely needed, and to save space you could attach the mirror atop of a desk or other space like a drawer. You could check our selected picture of tween bedrooms below, and get inspired!

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