Thg Faucets For Contemporary Kitchen And Bathroom

amazing design thg faucet

THG Faucets proffer both kitchen also bathroom faucets for modern along with artistic look. For kitchen, they provide various models of faucets based on collections, material use and style faucets. The faucet collections of kitchen in traditional style named 1900 faucet model. There are seven products that use metal material, available; 1900, Montmartre, Alliance Kitchen, Primo Kitchen, 1900 Kitchen, Bastide also Santos. Based on faucet styles, THG offers their faucets in two styles; modern and retro. Primo Kitchen and Santos are the modern style faucets for kitchen of THG’s products. Then, the other of five models designed in retro style faucets.

THG’s bathroom faucets offered in plenty of style, 148 series. All of them divided into three classifications of faucet collections, faucets material and styles. The faucet collection is available in 21 classes differentiated in three styles and in four material use. The faucet collections available including Baccarat, Classical, Daum, Lalique, Prestige, Studio Poutman and etc. Whereas for the style faucets differentiated in three; classical faucets, modern faucets and in retro style. Material use to build THG’s bath faucets are in four kinds; porcelain, crystal, metal along with the stone.

Maybe you curious about the price of THG’s ultimate faucets? Here’s the information. All THG’s faucets are the ultimate product with the style and an artistic’s touch of France excellence. The price range is from $1,400 up to $20,000 more for USA’s consumers. THG’s faucets are imported from France. If you’re interested in purchasing THG’s faucets for your bath or kitchen, so you could visit their site (thgusa) and select the faucet models you desire, add your most loved faucets to your selected product. Then fill the mail and detail, then confirm. THG USA will send detail product and price to your mail, also how to purchase the product. Besides the faucets, THG as an importer bath and kitchen products, they also proffer knobs and handles product along with accessories.

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