Terrazzo Floors For Modern Commercial Buildings

modern interior with terrazzo floors

Terrazzo floors have a custom pattern from its aggregates of natural stone includes marble chips, granite, glass and other stone, mixed with the cement and pressed. Then polished with tinted cement and finished with silky sheen. The surface of Terrazzo floor surface shines sparkling which is a reflection of the various types of stone aggregates that are typical of each chip produces awesome colorful trinkets.

Although made from aggregates of natural stone mixed and pressed, Terrazzo became worth to be considered to be applied as a floor for modern buildings, whether for commercial buildings or for residential. The Terrazzo tile not only for flooring, but also for the other application, including as countertops; both for kitchen and bath tops. This floor relatively pricey with the cost (including the installation) ranging from $9.70 up to $31.11 per sq. ft. for custom-built floor. The cost of Terrazzo tile with installation along with the annual maintenance cost is differs every region. The Terrazzo floors available in the market inludes; Sand Cushion, Monolithic and Epoxy Terrazzo. The most expensive Terrazzo is Sand Cushion in all regions and the cheapest is Monolithic Terrazzo.

The advantages of installed this kind of floors for your needs are much, you’ll get minimum five benefits. Firstly, Terrazzo floors doesn’t require specific maintenance (low-maintenance), it will lighten your burden especially if you are busy with work or your business. Flexibility of the design that brings the aesthetic values from its surfaces. Sanitation benefits with the fulfillment of environmental standards. The environmental friendliness of Terrazzo refers to the green technology used to build this tile. The green technology produces the best Terrazzo with the presence of epoxy terrazzo which have excellence in sustainability along with durability. This floor also suit for high-traffic area, made with high-stress of nearly 500 lb. per square inch. The quality of Terrazzo besides enhancing the appearance of building also more saving cost compared to alternative flooring if measured time by time in maintenance along with the cost of replacement.

The history of Terrazzo floor begins in the century of 15th when mosaic craftsman in northern Italy swept out chips of marble to their terraces, in Italian language “terrazzi”. Then they smoothed the terrace surface just by walking on it. When artisans tried to press the marble chips on the clay base, to beautify the surface, they grind also polish the with heavy stones, here the beginning of terrazzo. It’s a short story about Terrazzo floor, then Richard Neutra accompanied with other modernist architects designed terrazzo with their expertise and specified the floors.

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