Small Studio Apartment

Beautiful Small Studio Apartment

If you choose to live in a small apartment, consider choosing small studio apartment. Why? It’s become a trend, simple and a favorite among many people. A small apartment with studio design become a favorite for single men, single women, and  families who have not had children. This studio apartment design is only have one main room divided into several functions, like home. So do not look messy, you must be good at arranging furniture, choosing the right decorations and dividing the place according to the function: living room, bedroom and kitchen. A studio apartment design does not have a permanent bulkhead(wall). The bulkhead can be fabric and used as needed for a personal space, for example: the bedroom. You can use carpet to assert limits the function room. To save space, you must be clever to choose a multifunction furniture. It will greatly help space saving in your small studio apartment. In order to your small studio apartment look spacious and comfortable to live in, then do the following points:

Multifunction Furniture with Maximum Storage

With limited space, you should put a multifunction furniture which can store some of your goods in small studio apartment. Multifunctional furniture, for example: multifunctional table (for the living room, work desk and a desk with storage space). To store clothes and personal gear, you can use the built-in cabinets in the wall planted with ceiling heights reaching.

Small Studio Apartment Kitchen

Kitchen in a small studio apartment should be concise with essential kitchen appliances. If not, it could cause your kitchen to be very full kitchen-packed, even need to expand the kitchen space. The arrangement is also a key to creating your kitchen more spacious and have a regular home kitchen functions.

Small Studio Apartment Decoration

The decoration is an important aspect for a house, this is also true in a small studio apartment. Decorating the walls with some wall paintings and ornaments will make the apartment more beautiful. However, do not overdo it! Choose a small painting in accordance with the room size. For wall paint colors, choose bright colors, avoid dark colors. The use of dark colors will further add the narrower impression on small studio apartment. You can also add wallpapers, but we prefer bright colors without wallpaper with little decoration. This will give the airy impression and of course modern look. To make more spacious of small studio apartment, you can also add glass to enhance the visible airy room effects. Then, choose a bright curtains will also increase the space more airy.

Small Studio Apartment Lighting

Naturally, make use of the window to increase the sunlight infiltration into the room during the day. For lighting at night, you can use ceiling lights or down lights. Those lamp design is suitable to be applied in small studio apartment and also has a brightness level settings. It’s more energy efficient and the use can be arranged in accordance with the conditions and your activity.

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