Small Galley Kitchen Designs

small galley style kitchen remodel

Basically galley kitchen is cooking space where food is cooked and then prepared for the passenger inside of aircraft, ship or train. It’s mean that galley is specific area or compartment that have function same as the kitchen. however, the galley is not only referring to the cooking space in the large-capacity vehicles. Galley also a term for a kitchen at the naval base and also refers to a particular design of the kitchen in a residential.

The galley on housing design is identical to the kitchen with limited space. Kitchen appliances, storage of foodstuffs, arranged and placed in the spot that is smoothly accessible so as to diminish movement when cooking. Then, the other characteristic of galley kitchen like; the use of perpendicular space as storage, cabinet hanging on the ceiling, hanging pots along with dish racks. For the effectiveness of the small space, the design of galley allows the utmost use of small area for cooking, as it is applied to the vehicles of transportation with limited space.

The variations design of galley kitchen is not much, only a few such as; two unit facing lines, U-shaped, galley with the add-on of breakfast bar. That’s the most design of galley kitchen, and we often hear people refer to the galleys with the term “Strictly”. Maybe you have a project to renovate your galley kitchen? Surely, you require to look for experienced professionals to renovate your galley for the best results.

The remodel project of galley kitchen includes; replacing cabinets, lighting, countertops, flooring, plumbing fixtures along with appliances. If your projects encompassing all of them, so you have to prepare the budget about $34,065 up to $39,743 (metropolitan area), both for the material along with labour cost. That’s for the project with the size of about 160 sq. ft. galley kitchen. But, If you just necessitate to remodel one or several galley kitchen part, such as; move plumbing, repair dishwasher, install refrigerator or gas cooktop.

You must see the project plan plus the details. Move plumbing is often done by plumber with the duration of construction project just need one up to two days and the cost is from $200 up to $351. Repair dishwasher is serviced by repair technician or appliance service with just need one day of the duration and the cost about $70 up to $117. Installing refrigerator serviced by appliance service and the cost to install start at $70 up to $117, just a day in duration of the work.

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