Simpatico Homes For Modern And Living Green

alamo house model of simpatico homes

The modern home style yet beautiful make simpatico homes cost is estimated to be more higher in cost than other modern homes because of the features and materials used appropriate with the expectations of a wide range of needs. If it was looked at a glance, there is no any significant different between simpatico home along with modern homes which is developed currently.

But basically simpatico homes have principle philosophy of three aspects which are often considered as 3F, among others, form, function, and footprint. The form is modern, minimalist, but strongly beautiful because it is a blend from some of the basic material. Then, the function is considered as modular prefab. And the last is footprint which namely green building because from the entire existing land, 30 percent of it will be allocated for green area. This home was originally created as a new breakthrough for the human need for shelter which is not only comfortable but also has environmental awareness. Long story short, this home is a realization of a sustainable development plan.

The house consists of 3 floors. The first also second floor are functioned as a center of human activities and in these floors are located such as garage, bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, or whatever which always supports the human needs. Then, the third floor is enabled for an open lounge, open kitchen, and anything the owners want to make the space for. To build this house is needed some green elements such as solar panels, living green roof, and rainwater harvesting system. The house utilizes skylights and many large windows without railings to take advantage of natural lighting. The woods that used for the house have also received a certificate. It is no wonder if simpatico home cost is quite expensive at around 150 US dollars per square meter.

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