Shed Roof Cabin Plans

2 story shed roof cabin plans

There are several styles of roof for cabin plans and one of the options is shed roof design. The shed roof is a simple roof for small cabins also can be applied for a standard cabin with various styles, whether modern cabin, classic, even rustic cabin. This style of roof is also simple and you could install it yourself. Although it includes the simplest roof style, but this type of roofing is suitable to support the solar panels. The widths of space on the roof can accommodate a lot of panels, so your cabin has an energy efficient features.

The modern cabin with shed roof also cools for housing, especially to spend a summer or holiday season with family. Inside, the touch of modern interior in all aspects can be installed, including mini bath with shower, mini kitchen also several add-on. Indeed, cabin with a shed roof is not too large in size, so that the arrangement of interior space should be in accordance with the portions. The essential thing, do not cram too much furniture and furnishings inside and just like a studio apartment, choose multifunction furniture. You could see one of selected picture in our gallery that show the use of furniture and storage in contemporary cabin with shed roof.

The availability of prefab cabins with shed roof also is an option for you to have a cabin with ease and cabin style that suits your style. The price varies depending on the features you want and manufacturer, for cabin shed roof with the basic bathroom along with kitchenette priced at $34,000 (Reclaimed Space). The Cabin Fever proffer cabin with shed roof equipped with kitchen also bath with $43,450 of price tag. In addition, there are many companies that offer manufacturing prefab cabin with a shed roof.

The function of the cabin is varied, allowing you to use it for various purposes. For a standard cabin, it has become a society’s habit that enables the cabin house to spend the holidays with family, and usually placed at the edge of a lake or near the forest. The modern cabin with shed roof also can be placed near our main house and can be functioned as working space. Especially for those of you who requires a different atmosphere of working, working independently that need tranquility. There is one selected picture which represents a shed roof cabin with nearly all wood materials, placed alongside a forest and functioned as a workplace.

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