Sharepool All-in-one Kitchens

sharepool all-in-one kitchens

In the era of sophisticated and portable, almost all human human life-support equipment have a mobile version. So is the kitchen which we know it has a lot of equipment. Yes, there is a version of the mini kitchen with portability features. But this is not a portable kitchen for camping. This kitchen box with wheels, four wheels facilitate the kitchen mobility. At least this is an intelligent solution and practical kitchen box. And this innovation comes from Aslı Erkun who designed Sharepool, the mobile kitchen concept for the future.

Aslı Erkun and two friends devise a kitchen system that has entire functions of the individual appliances. The system is built into a single unit kitchen includes a microwave, fridge also cook top in one box. Wheel as base at once can move this kitchen system. Although this is still a hassle when the House has terraces, but the idea of bringing together the various appliances functions in one box immensely deserves appreciation. And in our opinion, this is truly a briliant kitchen concept.

We can imagine the practicality and flexibility offered this kitchen system. We can put the box in anywhere room we want. It is not just in the dining, but entire room and certainly saves space. For example, if you are working on a project in a room, it can accompany you without you having to worry stricken with hunger. Sharepool even can even be placed in the Office, there is no problem with space and still look presentable.

The Sharepool system seems to be designed for rent, we see they also build applications to access the availability of this box kitchen. If it is produced and marketed to the public, then there will be many outstanding space savings. It is mainly urban dwellers which generally has limited space.

Source: Media Collective

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