Round Abyss Horizon Table Shows The Ocean Floor Profile


The table is another object that became our focus while enjoying a cup of coffee. Therefore, we should choose a unique table design, especially table with a touch of innovation. As you see this Abyss Horizon round table made by Duffy London displaying the sea floor relief. The combination of wood in geological relief forms and the sea depth with blue glass. Previously, they have designed the similar table, but in a rectangular surface shape. Now they are back with the round table, so just add the form varies from previous versions. However, these products are limited to only 25 units. So the table production not in industry scale, just the 25 lucky people who will have it.

Christopher Duffy as the designer chooses the best of wood production forest managed by the FSC. And blue glass that expresses the geological profile of the sea floor. The design team have concocted a variety of material forming the 3D geological map until they accomplish in this artistic table. Local artisans hands also craftsmen processing this table manually and sure that’s quite time consuming. For the sake of perfection, they spend a minimum of 16 weeks from ordering to delivery.

Abyss Horizon will be shown in the Gallery courtesy of Sarah Myerscough in the exhibition three times in three big cities. It will be held in London on October 5-9, a few days more. Then, November 10-14 for New Yorker design enthusiasts. Lastly, the Abyss Horizon will be exhibited in Miami Beach in early December 2016.

Via: Design Milk


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