Restored Airstream

airstream restoration before and after

Restored airstream can be worth for quite a high price as a recreational vehicle if restored properly. It is an antique and is still sought by some people. If you want to make use of the old airstream, remodel it and you can sell it for a great deal or use it on your own.

Old airstream vehicles are often dumped or remain untouched and unused because it looks like a junk that are not capable of moving. It can be a source of embarassment to drive an airstream that looks like a junk to public roads and places. But it is such a waste to leave it alone because the frame is still intact and if remodeled and restored properly, it can be cool and usable. Doing complete interior remodel can cost you extra high expenses. So, plan it carefully on what you should remove and replace in order to make it as new an fabulous as you can.

The first thing to do is removing parts or demolition. The interior panels, fixtures and woodwork need to be taken down. The inside of walls also needs to be cleaned out. For the mechanical or electrical system, you should call for engineer’s help instead of handling it yourself. It can be problematic if you ruin them because you don’t know the basics. Then, you can cover the frames with new walls or foils. Switch to the doors, windows, vents and utility areas. For the outer shell, check if there is any dents. If there is a dent, repair it yourself or ask professional help. Look for what needs to be fixed or replaced. Your imagination and budget will determine the final result of your restored airstream.

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