Rammed Earth Solar Homes

compacted earth homes

Rammed earth of solar homes are rammed earth properties equipped with passive solar to provide more comfort throughout the harsh winter. In the history, rammed earth was already used by our ancestors on every terra firma. For the instance is the construction of the “Great Wall” in China which is include one of the most renowned rammed earth properties.

Rammed earth is a durable material, making it strong against any kind of weather from hot and cold to humid. It can be constructed anywhere, all around this earth. You just need to prepare mix of clay in fifteen to thirty percent of soil and sand or larger particles that don’t include many stones. It will later be moistened and compressed to create walls. The use of cement or stabilizer can assist for greater durability if you crave, but it is not a requisite. Making rammed earth bulkheads can be done by hand but it requires hard work. To build it more practical, it is frequently done with heavy machinery.

Rammed earth properties provide preeminent thermal mass and also no insulation. This is the major disadvantage of rammed earth properties. To overcome this problem, passive solar is used for heating in amalgamation with the rammed earth, creating the better rammed earth building to live in. That is called as rammed earth of solar homes. The construction of rammed earth building should not be done if there is a possibility of hard freeze because the freezing will interfere the cement curing. The foundation need to be high enough to keep water away along with the roof should be vast enough to keep precipitation off the rammed earth bulkheads. Constant expose to the rainfall can cause erotion over time to rammed earth of solar homes.

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