Purepods Hillside Cabin For Your Holiday In New Zealand


Purepods is a great place to find tranquility and togetherness with the person you love. It gives the vacation opportunity in the silence of nature to feel and live comfortably without interruption inside sturdy glass cabin. While you can go around during the day visiting several interesting nature spots without snakes threat or wild animals. Maybe just some birds singing during the day, and find farm animals and heard their feeble voices from afar. Even so it won’t disturb you and privacy guarantee because Purepods stands above private land. The most amazing is probably watching the constellations in the milky way at night. To enjoy it you simply spend $491 NZD or equal to $357.61 USD per night with an optional $95 NZD for an evening platter. We suggest you book as early as possible to obtain your desired day. It is certainly due to a row of long queues. Until such time as we write this, the most amazing Purepods located in Little River are already fully booked till 2 January 2017.

In the meantime, they have three locations. Each Purepods is a range of one to 2.5 hours from Christchurch and just 20 minutes from Kaikoura. We review the interior through some photos of Airbnb and Contemporist so absolutely sure that it’s all showing premium quality. Sure, it’s adjusted for cabin class with minimization in many parts and the selection of acrylic chairs. Most importantly, the Cabin is strong with an iron frame and double even triple toughened glass. A bed for both of you. Then, a cooking space, heating tools, bath and bed essentials. To ensure your privacy, all glass surfaces on walls and ceilings are covered with curtains. About the dish, you can fill additional option when booking the cabin and take it when you arrive at the Purepods. They offer a unique local dishes and gourmet specialties. You can also bring your own raw ingredients to be cooked in the cabin’s kitchen.

The nature theme is emphasized by the natural power plant technology using a solar panel. And the rule not to foul the air with smoking ban also littering the environment. They even complement this Cabin with smoke detectors. Then, visitors are prohibited from bringing pets, bring the kids and make the event or party. If you are accustomed to watching TV shows, surfing in cyberspace, or just watch a movie, then here you should stop for a moment. They deliberately designed this House to give a new impression in life. Only Bluetooth speaker to play music and a USB plug.

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