Prefabricated Floating Homes By Bluefield Houseboats


Floating Home to be one of the charms of living because of the uniqueness of the atmosphere that could not be found in an ordinary house. You see, around is the water, and you live there with a bridge to reach. And it’s one of the Bluefield Houseboats works, a prefab homes company based in Ireland. They’ll construct such prefab house with the entire hallmarks feature and send it to all buyers in this world. The advantages of the House include design innovation, features and top quality materials guarantee a strong stand nearly the rest of mankind.

Houseboats are implementing passive design that allows the efficient use of energy. It is manifested by harnessing the natural potential to heat the room, cooling the room and the use of ventilation. In addition, house automation system makes ease dwellers to control electric devices just via smartphone or tablet.

Now let’s see the uniqueness of the design, from the outside until into the House. Houseboats using a mini bridge which became the main access from the land towards the House. Inside as usual, we’ll find such on a studio apartment room division. It is certainly due to the small interior space so it doesn’t allow much room divider.

The bridge besides direct to the House door, on the right side there is a staircase leading to the roof. Yeah, the roof functioned as a patio area. The floor is lined with synthetic grass that makes beautiful rattan furniture well-furnished with patio umbrellas. For security, the perimeter of the roof mounted iron fences. Overall, this House will be the very soothing view to refreshing.

Via: Collective Evolution


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