New York Horizon Master Plan

new york horizon

This year’s Evolo skyscraper competition was won by Yitan Sun with New York Horizon master plan. He collaborated with Jianshi Wu designing walls as high as 1000 feet with 100 feet thickness hitting into the ground of central park’s border. The wall that was designed to make contrasts in ecological diversity. How does? inside the walls, they create a natural ecology with mountain landscape that seem natural. Although it by digging the soil to the bedrock until its surface is exposed. The wall has the infinite landscape effect that reflects the objects inside the wall so make unbounded sights, just horizon. Meanwhile, the reality outside is filled with skyscrapers of Manhattan’s city with all the business activities. At least, if this will be applied, then the citizens can enjoy the beauty of nature at any time without having to take a leave and go deep into the hinterland of Asia or Scandinavian Peninsula.

Central Park does look perfect giving coolness for a super dense city with a nature landscape. However, digging ground into the bedrock that need complex studies of many experts from various disciplines. For instance, a review of the hydrology provides an explanation that certainly will change the order of groundwater in Midtown Manhattan. The structure of groundwater’s surface will change, which of course leads to worse for the environment. In addition, uncover bedrocks means making exposed drains from the Hillview reservoir to meet the needs of the Manhattan citizens. That is part of the New York City water system. Then, underground track of F trains passes under Central Park. If dug up, then there are two possibilities; water system and trains levitate above the bedrocks or both redirected to around, but it would create extra work.

However, this idea is great and gets appreciation from us. It might someday be applied if all the authorities support. Although it requires a great cost and sacrifice, who knows this master plan will be realized?

Images: Evolo

new york horizon master plan

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