Modular Cottage Kits From Trusted Manufacturers In Usa And Canada

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Cottage in design and functions is the other form of a house with rooms equipped with recreational facilities; mini cafes, TV cable, refrigerator, barbecue, cafeteria, and maybe a free rental bicycle as a part of facilities in a commercial cottages. Modular cottage can be built as your residence or complement your primary house. If built as a primary residence, then it may constitute your lifestyle. If built to compliment your main house then it can complement the functions of your main house. We know that a small modular cottage can also be functioned as house offices, workshop space, hunting cabins, a space to do your hobby also as hunting cabins. A modular cottage can also be operated as lodge for guests staying for several nights, especially for the guests that come from distant towns.

Modular cottages are offered in various designs, styles and dimensions. Design in general as a house, but with additional recreational facilities. Let us discuss about the prices offered by several modular cottage companies. In general, a modular cottage offered at prices ranging from $30K up to over $100K. For U.S. residents, some company that offers modular cottages building service, among others; Modular Center, Summerwood, Artisan Structures, Westchester Modular, Pearl Cottages and Method Homes. Modular Center proffer modular cottages in 4 styles, 3 floor plan options and is available in a 1BR to 3BR configurations. Styles offered include; Basic Style, Adirondack Style, Log Cabin and the Carriage House. Method Homes provide cottage plan details along with the cost (modular cost and turnkey cost). Method Homes modular cottage cost ranging from $219,708 to $352,545. They also produce a plan of a modular cottage with a garage model at a cost of $23,000. For you citizens of Canada, you could contact Winton Homes. They proffer modular cottages in 29 design options, such as; Bella cola, Caledonia, Babine, Hudson, Fraser, Cabot and there are 23 other designs.

There are various modular house companies that offer modular cottages, including custom design of modular cottages, with a special structure based on your request, of course with an extra cost. Then, there is modular construction of eco-cottages. This cottage model can be produced quickly, flexibly with green standard houses, affordable in cost and suitable for all environments. The price for an eco-cottages modular vary, depending on the cottage dimension, facilities, design and additional features. For example; an eco-cottage with a bedroom, a porch, a bathroom, tall windows to get more light infiltrations along with green features. This cottage cost is approximately $ 59,000 (116 per sq.ft). This price does not involve the installation fare (depending builder), delivery cost (depending on your location), also taxes. Note that the price of a modular cottage does not comprise the price of land, the installation cost of cottage foundation then other costs related to the preparation of the site. If you need an eco-cottage then you could contact the Nationwide Homes or other company near your prep-site.

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