Modern Shipping Container Home

modern shipping container home

Modern shipping container home can be a choice for you to try a new kind of house. Container is usually used to bring a lot of stuffs using ship or train. It is boring in its normal form. However, with a little touch of your imagination, you can make it into a beautiful and unique home.

Modern Shipping Container Home Size

You can make your modern shipping container home in different size. You can make a small house or a big one depend on your need or your taste or need. For a small house, one or two container will be enough. You can put them side by side or in a pile. On the other hand, for a bigger house, you can use shipping container as many as possible. With those many containers, there are plenty designs and form of house made from containers that you can try. There is a simple one and also more complicated design.

Modern Shipping Container Home Design

Although it is made from the shipping container, it doesn’t mean that you will have a boring house. Modern shipping container home allows you to do more your container to have a great house. With the container, you can make a tree house, a cottage, guest house, a beach house, anything you like. You can just let the container in its color, but you can also change it. For the floor and the wall, you can also make it into wooden floor and wall. You may also add warm wood ladder. For the wall, you can choose to make the wall easy to move. Therefore, when you want to enjoy the sunlight or any view outside you can just lift the wall.

Many people in much country have built their shipping container house with various design. You can find a container house that blend with nature. There also the fancy one. There has been many containers home which are bigger and more unique than you can imagine. They even have a house inside the container house. Besides it is unique, it is also believed to be cheap home. Modern shipping container home is worth to try for you who want to challenge your creativity without spending much money.

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