Modern Cabin Rabbit Snare Gorge In Nova Scotia


A modern cabin stands on a deserted land in Cape Breton. The natural surroundings in the form of a rough landscape which is perfect for outdoor adventure and other outdoor activities. At least 46 acre land that is reasonably capable of supporting the natural shades without any surrounding building. That is the result of Omar Gandhi’s work in cooperation with Designbase8. He has also built three cabins in the similar environmental conditions.

This cabin has three floors equipped with ladder until towards the third floor. Indeed, the building’s vertical extension aims to minimize the impact of buildings on the environment. It requests the client is indeed an outdoorsman’s who loves the environment. The external walls are lined with wooden siding vertically extends into the edge of the roof. And there are two pillars supporting the deck for the second floor.

The entrance is equipped with a protective iron plate to the door. It serves to protect the wooden door in order to better durability against exposure to the weather. External doors also denotes the spacious interiors. How does? two-story-tall iron plate gives the impression and proven when we entered into the House. After opening the door, we will find the hallway, to the right there is a staircase rises to the top floor and a mechanical room at the hallway’s end. While the left hallway there is a washroom and a bedroom.

Then up to the second floor straight to the dining room adjacent to the living space and a mini kitchen. While outside there is ample deck for relaxing. And the topmost room functioned as the sunset room. Tapered roof design for splitting the snow and makes it easy to flow down. That’s excellent work in harmony with environmental conditions.

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