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Moda Flame Fireplace has a modern design that will provide warmth, a dazzling display and maintain the house atmosphere to avoid the mess impression (clean fireplace design). Moreover, Moda Flame works with eco-friendly fuel “bio-ethanol” which you can use for indoor and outdoor fuel for fireplaces. For indoor, the fuel is designed for indoor ventless fireplaces, made ​​from natural ingredients that support sustainable fuels, renewable energy. The natural ingredients include fermented ingredients such as: the quintessence of plants (sugar cane), the potential grain and are already known, such as rice, potatoes, corn, grapes, bananas and others. The natural ingredients make Bio-ethanol produces a beautiful fire, cleaner with minimal CO2 output, odorless and safe.

Back to the fireplace, Flame Moda offers a fireplace for wall mounted fireplaces, free standing fireplaces and table top fireplaces. For fuel, of course they offer fuel fireplace and hearth accessories to complete your home’s fireplace. How much is it ? prices vary for wall mounted fireplaces prices ranging from $359,99 to $679,99. Free standing fireplaces are offered at a price between $389,99 to $1,149.99. Table top fireplaces price range from $89,99 to $239,99. If you are interested, you can buy it online from some Moda Flame authorized dealer.

Moda Flame Fireplace Design

Moda Flame fireplace offers some variations in the design. In general, the different fireplace designs based on the fireplace placement: placed on the wall, free standing and table top. Wall mounted fireplaces have an elongated design with an emphasis strength on one side mounted on the wall to hold the fireplace. Therefore, the holder made ​​of metal material and the appearance side made of glass. The design variations include: full glass on the appearance side and full metal covered with glass openings to radiate energy. Free standing fireplaces performed with several variations of the design, including a glass enclosed fireplace with glass legs and vertical metal framed fireplace. Table top fireplaces have more free design with an emphasis on the bottom strength. We have a collection Moda Flame fireplace picture copyrighted to Moda Flame, feel free to check it all.

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