Mendori Lamp Table For Aesthetic And Romantic Table Decor

mendori lamp design for table

Mendori Lamp for table decor is designed to raise an aesthetic also romantic nuance of every table activities. This lamp is created by Issey Miyake, created with origami techniques, a japanese classic light also measured brilliantly using mathematical program. The lamp design like spiral shell, unique folding tech with complex shades. The materials utilized to build this lamps entirely reused materials. Aluminium is used to paint die-cast opal in white along with reprocess fabric shade. Atop is opal methacrylate to optimize the light diffusion. The lamp is equipped with the magnetic part to apt with the diffuser. Mendori lamp standing on 4 transparent cord feet equipped with dimmer.

The recycled materials structured along with the touch of origami techniques also admix with surface treatment enable the shades perfectly formed without internal frame. This feature also ease the shades to be folded in flat shape if you have finished the activities on the table. Inside the cover, there are a LED lamp 10 Watt with 120 Volt as the main source of light. Cause of the unique shape, the light creates an amazing shadows also the light shades show an artistic radiance, as an eye-catching feature on the table. Mendori lamp is produced by Artemide Lighting.

Mendori lamp price is about $1,410, you could purchase it online via lumens ($1,028.50) or ylighting. The price may differ in one online supplier to another. The price range for this table lamp is between $1,008 up to $1,410. In momastore this table lamp is offered at $1,260 for non members buyer, good info for you who already registered as customer with just $1,008 to purchase this lamp and an additional cost $10 every lamp, only for United States.

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