Marazzi Tile For Residences Also Business Buildings

marazzi anthracite stone

Marazzi provide tile in a wide-ranging of glazed ceramics, natural stones, porcelain stoneware, metallic tile, wall tile, glass mosaics and decorative accent for residence also business buildings. They give an amazing option for interior home with custom personalisations, designing space with an inspiring surfaces. Marazzi create the tile with the consideration of ecological sustainability and notice of healthy also affordable product to consumers. With the experience about 30 years in industry, now Marazzi become leading tile in edge design, custom product availability along with guarantees quality product. All Marazzi products of all have been utilized by architects, homeowners also designers.

Ok, lets we see all Marazzi tile product details. Glazed ceramics created with combination of semi-vitreous ceramic body. The tile color shine from glaze layer or surface color, the body color may differ. Glazed ceramics offered in 5 tile product; stone age, sumatra, province, livigno and arctic bay. Marazzi offers natural stone with the various stone uniqueness then beauty of surface to raise an elegance nuance of house. It’s product in accordance to be applied in residential also commercial buildings. The natural stone is available in Travertine Stone. Marazzi provide porcelain stoneware in 3 tile product; body color porcelain, through porcelain body plus glazed porcelain. Their porcelains is exceedingly dense with resistant to hard impact. This features make Marazzi porcelain friendly in freeze areas also fits for outdoor usage.

Then, wall tile that offers an elegance interior wall usage with non-vitreous feature as vertical surfaces performance. Marazzi wall tile offered in 2 tile style; oxford and c-citta sistem. Decorative accents is designed especially for finishing tile project, it will beautify the wall tile edge. This product present in metal finish, stone finish also wood finish in various sizes. Decorative product offered in 4 accents style; romance collection, metal mania, divine woods and the stone romancing.

If you interested in acquiring Marazzi product, you could make purchases via local distributor, premier retailers also Marazzi showrooms. They have about 108 local distributors, so you could acquire their products easily.

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