Dwell Prefab Homes

Dwell Prefab Homes

As my scrolling on the series of the dwell prefab homes designs in this magazine, my eyes stuck on the futuristic and cool prototype by Claesson Koivisto Rune. He designed a prototype of prefab house in modular design using a Scandinavian concept. The surrounds in white snow as Scandinavian mountainous surrounding is famous for this; the dark colored house in prefab design is built in a modern way. So, let’s check the details of this prefab house.

Dwell Prefab Homes-Overview

This house using a Scandinavian surrounding as the base to build a house, then a contrast design using a cool dark color wooden is chosen in this design. Instead of modern flat roof design that is selected in this dwell prefab homes design, the house uses the classic Swedish roof design. These dwell prefab homes use a lot of glass as the wall design enables the sunlight come to interior design giving a natural sunlight in the day. This design brings the fusion of modern prefab design with classic Swedish design.

Dwell Prefab Homes in Details

The Dwell Prefab Homes prototype here is using the dwell prefab homes modular design. In Sweden, the modular design is accepted as the design that is inferior compared to the accustomed design from architect. This is due to the modular design is not 99% designed solely for the owner with certain requests and the like, the modular design gives the customer choices for the interior and the features of the house only.

As for the interior design for this prototype is open for discussion with the customer. The designer only brings the outer design with dark colored wall and big glass wall ensuring outdoor view from the inside. One detail on this prototype is only shown for the dining room that is designed in a bright color. This dwell prefab homes prototype needs to be learned in details.

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