Droneycomb Skyscraper

droneycomb skyscraper

Hadeel Ayed Mohammad along with Yifeng Zhao and Chengda Zhu designing Drone Skyscraper to answer the problems of regulation of drone, at least the problems of docking drone is resolved. The device technology is already widely used for individuals for hobbies or company for operational. In the future will cause problems such as the lack of flying zone and impaired air visibility, if there is no operational policies then fore will make a mess of air condition in the city. We know that online retail companies have now switched to use the drones to deliver goods purchased by the customer by reason of timeliness, operating costs etc.

Drones can be widely utilized for many interests, from the personal pleasure, economic, mapping to the military. So there must be regulation that govern the overall operations of the device. At least this droneycomb skyscraper ideas provide solutions so that drones can dock on the right place. It doesn’t take a lot of space, but rather in a docking zone mounted on the outer surface of the skyscraper.

Photos by the designers, via evolo.us

droneycomb skyscraper 05droneycomb skyscraper 04droneycomb skyscraper 03droneycomb skyscraper 02droneycomb skyscraper 01

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