Cool Staircases

cool glass staircases

Cool staircases is right for your home with any interior design. Moreover for you who have a house with modern style, of course with more than single floor. For that you need a cool staircase to make your interior aspect look clean, modern and not have a “mess” impression. Cool home staircases is made from some material, include: steels, stone, concrete, marble, wood, wood grain porcelain, glass, and other materials. The combination of steel and wood produce a cool staircase, for modern interior also glass material included. Some of them is polished with nickel so look shiny and clean. For more elegant and luxury interior you can apply marble staircases, although it’s more expensive but it will bring your interior more cool and look natural.

Cool Staircases Design

Cool Staircases Design is available in a lot of design ideas, of course there are numerous creative staircase designed by architects. Some of them are spiral staircases, steel staircases, glass staircases, retractable staircases, wooden staircases, floating staircases, loft staircases, marble-combined staircases and some custom staircases design. Here, you can elect cool staircases design available in our gallery. Choose one of them then start to apply it on your home.

Cool Area Saving Staircases

Space become one important thing for house interior design in the city. Staircase should save space, mainly for house with narrow, choke loft area also difficult to reach. Staircase also can be with storage under it for more effective space usage or choose retractable staircase. You can use the storage under staircases as a book storage, toy storage and also other goods collection. Space save staircases with wooden material offered at an affordable price, you can get it for $200. Steel staircases offered at higher price, you should spend money from $685.47.

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