Coffered Ceiling Construction

coffered ceiling construction atlanta

Coffered Ceiling Construction is basically simple yet decorative ceiling ideas which make it a bit tricky. In addition, roof style and design also affects the complexity of coffered ceiling construction. Intricate coffered ceiling construction is actually contained in the classic ceiling style. Meanwhile, modern and futuristic coffered ceiling is not too complicated, even simple and prioritize a clean design. Indeed, there are several modern buildings internalize the classic coffered ceiling style, and it was very inspiring.

Although modern building has its own coffered ceiling style certainly more simple and uncomplicated construction. Modern ceiling indeed prefer the clean design, but with just a plain white ceiling that would not increase the aesthetic value and creativity. Whereas, the architects offers modern roof design in outstanding varied of designs and styles. Not only eye-catching ceiling designs, but there are some other functions highlight.

Coffered Ceiling Construction with Skylight

Skylights will make your home look brighter with the infiltration of sunlight into your house. It certainly will save electricity costs, especially if your living room location is in the middle of home and gets minimal light from the window. Coffered ceiling with skylight construction is not too difficult. You just need to provide the access of light to pierce the ceiling to the roof. On the roof you can use a glass roof. While on the ceiling, you add a board to cover a square hole. Skylight works on day and night. During the day, the room gets sunlight supply while at night skylights offering panoramic beauty of the sky.

However, of course you still have to install lighting. LED lighting unit will certainly add to the beauty of the room ceiling, can serve as the main light and also as a decorative light. The main light also can be optionally chandelier. Note, lighting techniques must be appropriate and in accordance with the design and style of the room. We have a collection of coffered ceiling construction pictures with a variety of indoor applications, includes: living room, kitchen, and basement. Take your time to check it out in the gallery below, you might get an idea from one of the coffered ceiling construction project.

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